Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the most important advantage of online giving for the church?
A: Online giving allows churches to be able to more accurately forecast operating costs and overall budget. Between ministry, missions and operations it can be difficult to predict monetary commitments for each division. Our online giving platform can set you up for success with reporting tools and donor management features which will assist with monthly budgeting and end of year financial reports.

Q: What precautions does LifeWay eGiving take to protect the information of every member of my congregation.
A: All of this, working together ensures a secure online transaction.

Q: Are there any fees for changes like adding a fund category, or a new report?
A: There is no charge for changing fund categories. Reports are a little different. There are several reports that you will have access to, but since we build these reports ourselves it would be unrealistic for us to say yes you can have any report you can dream up and its free. We will definitely provide some great reports and are very open to reports and statistic requests. We will do what we can to fill these requests.

Q: How will I know a donation has been made?
A: Email notifications can be setup for both the giver and the organization. This will provide an instant receipt to the giver and an instant notification to the organization.

Q: How long will it be before I can start taking donations?
A: Less than twenty-four hours from the time your merchant account application is approved. Merchant account applications usually take 3-4 business days to be approved.

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