Giving Kiosks

Location, Location, Location

What better way to encourage your members to give in the moment than have a convenient eGiving Kiosk ready to take payments on the fly? Tithing can now be made easy for those who do not have a checkbook or cash on hand. Let our eGiving Kiosks remove the limitations to giving and connect your ministry to your people instantly.

Easy to Use

Giving Kiosks are extremely easy to use because they are operated with an iPad that comes pre-programmed with your kiosk. Just select the budget or campaign, enter the amount and then swipe the debit or credit card for payment.

Clear and Concise Reporting

All reporting will be available directly from your LifeWay eGiving portal giving you the ability to create detailed reports for dependable financial analysis.

Seamless Management

Coming Soon!

Simple, Easy, Online Giving

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