LifeWay eGiving is a SECURE, AFFORDABLE system for your church to collect funds through a variety of technology mediums... 

Our eGiving Products Can Develop A Steady Stream of Offertory

The Internet has become crucial for all aspects of contemporary fundraising. Online giving is growing and the trends show that it will continue to grow. In fact, a study by The Chronicle reveals online giving to nonprofit organizations grew 14 percent in 2012. With over 70 percent of Americans already online- it only makes sense. Start today and give your congregation the most convenient and technologically advanced way to tithe.


Safe, secure and confidential

Allow your church members to honor the financial commitment they have made to your church or organization with our easy-to-use tools. Our secure interface protects financial information while keeping it simple for members to give on the spot and to set up recurring donations. Our online giving solutions smooth out seasonal slumps in giving and give you peace of mind about your budget!

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Text Giving

Donate directly from a cell phone

Empower your people with mobile giving and strengthen your constituency with reminder text messages. Our text-to-give program makes it easy for members to immediately make donations right from their cell phones when they are inspired by a mission or an event. All they have to do is text an amount to the unique number we provide you.

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Registration for Events

Easily setup and organize your events

Set up events and begin registration online in just minutes. A thriving church typically has many different types of events happening all the time – use LifeWay e-Giving to let members register online for church camps, conferences, classes, and retreats. Our system lets you track the number of event participants, collect payments, and post updates from your giving portal.


Create online fundraisers for philanthropic causes.

Use the web to help people become more involved with your campaigns, church events and missionary efforts. Our online giving portal lets you set up separate funds so that members, and even non-members inspired by your cause, can give to specific charitable causes such as mission trips, local charity, or building funds. This is perfect for members who want to know where their money is going, or for extra causes beyond regular tithing.


Never worry about your private financial information.

All transactions are encrypted using a secure server to protect your privacy. By using the highest security standards available and exceeding legal requirements for financial security, LifeWay ensures your peace of mind with the best e-Giving solution on the market.


We are constantly improving our control panel to make it easier for your church's financial administrators to do their job. An example is the pre-built data exports we have for many of the most popular financial packages, such as QuickBooks, Shelby, ACS, PowerChurch, Servant Keeper, IconCMO, HelpMate and Church Office Online. If yours isn't listed, then we can add it for you!

Reduced Administration

All giving is shown in a single page. No more counting money, or opening envelopes. It is all done online now. All giving records are displayed online and can be exported to excel, csv or directly to your church's financial system. Do you have a specific export format you need? We can easily add it for you.

Flexible Payment Options

With LifeWay’s flexible payment options, your account manager can decide which forms of payment your organization will accept. Options include debit cards, credit cards, and/or e-Checks. For example, you can limit and expand on what combinations of credit cards and/or ACH (eChecks) are going to fit into your mission.

Customize Your Church Portal

Use a professional, branded interface.

Our online donation solution allows you to make your giving portal match your website colors and logo for a seamless transition. Most people feel more secure in giving when the financial interface looks professional and matches the organization receiving the donation. Also, your church will always show up on the bank statement as the payee, so members are never worried about where their donation is going.

Simple, Easy, Online Giving

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